Shameless Self Promotion!
The Magical Buffet
Do you enjoy The Magical Buffet?  Then help us spread the word!  
Here is where you will find the tools necessary to let people know about
The Magical Buffet.

First, do you have a My Space?  Then click on the My Space tab to the
left so you can find us on My Space and be our friend!  Our My Space
friends get bulletins updating them about what is happening here at
The Magical Buffet.

Next, we have a printable flyer.  What does one do with our flyer?  Do
you have a metaphysical gift shop that you frequent?  How about an
occult book store?  Do you attend a Spiritualist Church?  Is there a
coffee shop that you and your fellow Wiccans meet up at?  Ask the
owners of those businesses if they will display our flyer!

Click Here for a printable flyer!

Finally, we have this awesome banner!  Where did it come from, you
may be asking yourself.  Well, I assure it wasn’t designed by us!  We
wish!  In fact, this totally cool piece of HTML is the creation of William
Hobbs, a talented artist who frequently contributes art to The Magical
Buffet.  You can proudly display this beautiful banner on your websites,
My Spaces, and blogs!

Here's the code for our  banner which looks like this...

Code Start:

<A HREF="">
width="500" height="95" border=0></a>

Code End:

Just copy the code above exactly and paste it into your blogs,
webpages or my space(s).  If it doesn't work check to make sure it
copied EXACTLY.  My Space seems to change some of the text!

To see more of William's work visit: and you
can see his photo/illustration work at his Flickr address of: