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Question: Just had a general question for you. What are your
thoughts on faeries and gnomes? :)

Submitted by: Mindy

Thanks for the question Mindy!  Honestly, I don’t spend too
much time thinking about fairies and gnomes, but now that you
mentioned them I probably will.  

Fairies are a tricky bunch.  Fairies are represented a million different
ways, depending on the culture, with the name fairy sometimes even
referring to gnomes!  Confused yet?  Join the club!  Like so many
people, I prefer the imagery of the small, delicate woman with wings
for the fairy (I AM a NeNe Thomas fan after all), and the small, but
slightly rotund, friendly gnome (at this point I imagine them all with
the voice of the Travelocity Roaming Gnome’s voice).  Of course,
preferring women to be portrayed as slightly villainous, I enjoy the
fairy folk lore that depicts the fairies as whimsically malicious.

Now when most people ask me, what are your thoughts on (insert
thing here), what they really want to know is, do you believe in (insert
thing here)?  People that read The Magical Buffet regularly will
already be able to anticipate my answer, which is, of course I do, why
not?  I know to a skeptic it seems silly, but since I’m not spending any
money on this belief, and I’m not quitting my job to go off chasing
fairies, what’s wrong with opting to believe instead of disbelieving?  I
like to imagine that there are still spots in this world that man hasn’t
touched and that perhaps fairies and gnomes exist there (along with
unicorns, I like unicorns).  

Question: Why is it that us human beings have the need to
seek out a practice such as religion and more? Well what
sarcastic answer will my friend Rebecca give, might I guess
something very witty and cute?

Submitted by: Debbie

Good question!  Of course, in the beginning religions and
mythologies existed to help explain things such as the changing of
the seasons, natural disasters, etc.  Then, as religions evolved, they
help set guidelines to insure the health of the faith's adherents, like
dietary guidelines, etc.  Science can now explain many of the things
religions once did, and thanks to an endless barrage of health news
we all know how we should be eating for optimal health (even if we're
not doing so).  So, if science has satisfied the original purposes
behind religious belief, why do most people still chose to worship?  

According to many, there is no need for modern religion or any of the
spiritual practices that most of us undertake.  In their defense, they
are correct.  I know why it snows, that pork is bad for my diet, and
why there are eclipses.  Answers to most things are right there,
explained by rational thought and science.  In my opinion, there is
still a lot of stuff out there that can't clearly be explained.  Much of it
is scary, such as the nature of evil, violence, and hate.  Science is
working on those topics, but until then, like many people I turn to faith
and spirituality to help ease my mind and spirit.  I think that for some
of us, we need to believe, we need to have faith.  The world seems
much duller and lonelier without it.  Now that's just my opinion.  If I
knew without a doubt why, I would probably have the answers to
even more questions.  Then I probably wouldn't be here typing this.  I
would be on an Oprah book tour.