I have always been interested in religions, mythology, and occult
practices.  I have read tons of different books.  For years I have been filling
my bookshelves with tome after tome on the topics.   Searching, always
waiting to find MY topic of focus.  I tortured myself with the idea that I was a
generalist.  How can I ever contribute, how can I ever matter if I am not an
expert in a field?  Why was there this hole that one topic couldn't fill?  Did I
lack discipline?  Was I just not smart enough?  Have I been wasting years
and money that could’ve been dedicated to a better purpose?

Then one day I found the answer.  Inspiration has a tendency to come from
bizarre places that you least expect to find it and for this it proved to be no
different.  I’m on my couch, watching one of my favorite movies, “Big
Trouble in Little China”.  I had seen this movie EASILY 20 times, probably
more (it’s a great flick, check it out!) when my favorite character Egg Shen
said the line I had heard again and again, but for some reason this time it

“Of course the Chinese mix everything up, look at what we have to work
with.  There’s Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoist alchemy and sorcery.  
We take what we want and leave the rest….Just like your salad bar.”

Egg Shen takes what he wants and leaves the rest, and he’s this super
powerful wizard!  Maybe I don’t lack focus and discipline, maybe I’m just
taking what I want and leaving the rest, just like my man Egg!  Maybe it’s
not a horrible flaw to be a generalist like I previously thought.  Perhaps
there is a certain strength that comes from endless exploration.

And a philosophy was born.  

I am not an expert.  I will never be an expert.  Not because I can’t settle
down, not because I lack discipline, and not because I lack faith.  I can’t
focus because deep down inside for years I’ve known this truth….it all

One person’s Wicca is another person’s Catholism.  One person’s Crowley
is another person’s Regardie.  One person’s Aphrodite is another person’s
Venus.  The whole thing is so exciting to me that I can’t stay on one track
because I don’t want to miss anything!  I decided that I wanted to share
with everyone EVERYTHING!  I wanted to give the world the salad bar!  
Give everyone, be they experts or not, the resources to see what’s out
there, take what they want, and leave the rest!  (And not because the rest
is bad, but because it’s just not what they want right now!)

I love The Magical Buffet and the potential of all it has to offer!  I hope you
will join us in the fun!

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Responses to Frequent Comments

Most websites have a FAQ section, which is where they answer frequently
asked questions.  Here at The Magical Buffet we don’t get too many
questions, but with several issues behind us, a website, and a My Space
we get lots of comments.  So I have decided to start an RFC section, where
I can put my responses to frequent comments.  Here we go.

Comment:  You’re a Wiccan.
Response:  Actually, no I’m not.  There is a lot that I like about Wicca,
primarily the emphasis on the Goddess, but being a severe allergy sufferer
I have trouble getting into the nature oriented religions.  It’s hard to revere
something that causes me so much trouble.  When someone starts a
religion that combines Goddess worship with Claritin worship, email me!  
The Magical Buffet gets a ton of support from the Wiccan/Pagan
community and we love them because they seem to love us and routinely
show support for what we do.

Comment:  I love your magazine’s philosophy.
Response:  Thank you.

Comment:  Don’t you just hate
Response:  No, no, no, and absolutely not.  Hello, first off, you can’t tell
what kind of person someone is by any of these labels.  I have a good
friend who is a Conservative Republican Catholic.  Second, it’s called the
First Amendment and I love it.  So anyone has the right to express their
opinions, even if I disagree.  And finally, have you read the philosophy
here?  Everyone has the right to determine what they believe and that
includes the decision not to believe.  I reserve my hate for those that truly
deserve it, like every person on the highway when I commute to and from

Comment:  I was trying to find the menu for my favorite buffet and found
your website.  I love it.
Response:  An actual comment I received with a subscription.  My
response, I love you.

Comment:  I should really submit an article about my organization/what I
Response:  Yes, you should.

Comment:  I heard you on the Lou Gentile online radio show and you
were pretty cool.
Response:  Thanks, I love to talk.  Just ask anyone who knows me.

Comment:  Seriously, have you considered doing speaking engagements?
Response:  I would if someone asked me.

Comment:  Why haven’t you commented on my comment or accepted my
friend request, etc?
Response:  In a perfect world I could spend all my time interacting with our
awesome online friends, but unfortunately I work a 9-5 job, Monday-Friday
just like most of you.  Once you add in that I have family and friends that I
like to spend time with and an online magazine to try and cobble together,
well it means that sometimes it takes a while for me to respond to
emails/comments/friend requests.  Sorry, I’ll get to you, I promise.
Philosophy/RFC (Response to Frequent comments)
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