The Magical Buffet
I hate change.  Seriously, I know all the wonderful odes to change, but at the end of the day, I like knowing
what the next day will be like.  You see, I’m a worrier.  Change concerns me because when I know change is
coming, no matter how good, or bad, or indifferent that change may be, I lay awake at night worrying about it.  
Which leads me to why you’re reading this…..

There are going to be big changes at The Magical Buffet.

The biggest change is that our format is going from monthly emailed magazine to the much internet geek
loved blog format.  We still intend on having many of the same features that you’ve come to expect, such as
10 questions, guest contributors, product and organization profiles, etc. it’s just that they won’t get emailed to
you in one package.  Several considerations led to the format change.  First, The Magical Buffet has always
been about developing a community and the blog format lends itself better to that than a website thanks to
the ability to comment on every article.  Next, with the deadline restriction of monthly issues gone, we can
better control when we release content.  Also, the change allows for my currently hard to find opinion blog
posts to be given equal treatment as our other content.  This will cultivate higher quality content, despite my
writings still being involved!  Lastly, and most odd, the blog format is a more respected format than what we
currently have.  I know!  But as the wonderful wilds of the internet spread, the blog is blossoming into a
relevant and respected format (not that I intend on ever actually being relevant or respected).  Attention
subscribers!  Don’t worry we’re going to automatically subscribe you to the new format, that way you still have
the convenience you’ve come to associate with subscribing to The Magical Buffet.  Each time a new article
goes up you will receive an email notice along with a link to the new post.  Each notice comes along with the
option to unsubscribe, if you so wish.

The other big change is the content The Magical Buffet offers.  Like I stated above, we fully intend on
continuing to offer the same articles as before that deal with religion, the paranormal, occult practices, etc.
and those people involved in those communities, but we’re going to also start talking about pop culture and
politics.  There were several considerations that went into this decision, the primary one being those are the
other things I like to talk about!  I do some non-Magical Buffet blogging on my personal My Space page and
well, my friends really like those posts, and since my friends are far cooler than myself, I thought, why keep
those posts squirreled away on My Space when I have my very own website?  Also, it’s not nearly as screwed
up of a combination of topics as one would think.  The Magical Buffet is about bringing people together,
acting as a resource, introducing different ideas to make them less different.  It’s safe to say that spirituality,
politics, and pop culture are three of the biggest things that define an individual and a community.  In a time
in history where talk show hosts deal in psychics, celebrities promote religions, and governments all over the
globe work to inhibit the freedoms of their people, maybe talking about these topics in the patented copyright
pending Magical Buffet style of under educated and overly sarcastic is just what the doctor ordered.

I plan on posting articles less frequently than and, but more frequently
than and  I’m aiming roughly for a www.101cookbooks.
com level.  And now you’ll have to visit some of my favorite blogs if you want to figure it out!

These changes will go into effect on July 7, 2008.  As always, I want to thank all of our friends and
supporters, and hope to continue enjoying your support as The Magical Buffet grows into its next phase.

Best Wishes, and I’ll See You All July 7th!