Are you Wiccan?  Are you interested in astrology?  Are you interested in the moon?  Are
you interested in mythology?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should definitely purchase a
copy of “Moon Tides, Soul Passages” by Maria Kay Simms.  It bears the subtitle of “Your
Astrological Cycles of Personal and Spiritual Development”, and in those regards boy
does this book deliver.  Thanks to the software that comes with the book, Simms takes
you on a guided tour of your spiritual life through the phases of the moon.  Rich with
mythology, filled with beautiful illustrations, “Moon Tides, Soul Passages” is written with a
voice of authority that helps the uninitiated, like myself, weave their way through a
budding understanding of astrology, the moon, and the women’s mysteries.

Although the book doesn’t clearly tell you to, I would highly suggest that once you
purchase “Moon Tides, Soul Passages” you skip to Appendix 1 and load the disc into
your computer.  With a couple of clicks you can run a detailed chart for yourself that you
can reference as you work your way through the text.  Simms’ writing is intimate and
personal, but it also resonates with experience and expertise.  There are plenty of
personal examples, mythological associations, and celebrity information to help keep
you entertained.  Lastly, Simms concludes with numerous well-constructed rituals to help
you bring the moon into your spiritual life.

In short, “Moon Tides, Soul Passages” is an entertaining, informative, and at the list
price of $22.95 (including the software!) it’s a steal.  I enjoyed this book greatly and
encourage others to give it a try…you won’t be disappointed. If interested visit
Dining Out: Moon Tides, Soul Passages
The Magical Buffet