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Religion Links
The Magical Buffet
If you are interested in different religions, and are looking for a
great resource, you absolutely MUST visit
The Pluralism Project!

Looking for a million links to handy Wiccan/Pagan sites and
some unique philosophies?  Visit You can
spend days going through all the references they provide!

Regardless of your opinions on the war, I think we can all agree
that our soldiers deserve our support.  Want to make sure our
Wiccan/Pagan soldiers have the supplies they need to practice
their faith?  Visit

Who is Trinity Temple?  We've featured them in our Online
Exclusive section, but more importantly, they're a great bunch of

What is a handfasting?  How do you get one?  Answers to these
and more can be found in our article "10 Questions about
Handfasting" or better still, at .

Want to learn a whole lot about different religions?  Then you
must visit