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The Magical Buffet
Inspiration can come from many places.  For us it came from
the fun film Big Trouble in Little China!  To learn everything
about this movie check out the best fan site on the web!
The Wing Kong Exchange

It has nothing to do with our website aside from the fact that I
like Greg.  Check it out!

Where can you go to hear sassy talk about the paranormal,
spirituality, conspiracy theories, and more?

Reverend Rapid Cabot Freeman hosts a weekly show on
public access television that talks about all kinds of cool and
important issues, ranging from music to religious beliefs.  
“The Witchin’ Hour” is on every Tuesday night at 11p.m.
Eastern (check your local listings).  Want to learn more about
the show or see how you can get “The Witchin’ Hour” where
you live?  Contact Rev. Freeman at
com/loyal2cabot or

Looking for an interesting read?  Visit Rose Rosetree and her
friends at

Watch televixons Cindy Corriveau and Nancy Krissoff discuss
history, mystery, legends, and ghosts!

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