Let me say, this issue is all wrong.  Theme issues are the evil opposite of what I try to accomplish here at The
Magical Buffet, yet somehow I’ve ended up with a pretty Wicca heavy issue this month.  And I wonder why everyone
assumes I’m Wiccan?  But what was I to do?  I had too many wonderful articles to ignore, Wicca or not.  Don’t fear,
next month is already shaping up to be a nonsensical hodge podge of stuff, so the natural order will be restored.

For those of you who pay attention, the Jewish celebration of Passover has just about…for lack of a better word,
passed.  I always say that I am a terrible Jew, but fortunately I am friends with someone who I can estimate is as bad,
if not worse than me.  Despite that, we always make time to get together with our spouses for a not so kosher
Passover meal.  

Passover is fascinating to me, because the main purpose of it is to tell the story of Passover and the meal is rife with
symbolism to go with the story.  What is the story of Passover?  Did you ever see the animated film, “Prince of
Egypt”?  There you go.  In case you missed the movie, the story of Passover is the story of the Jewish people being
freed from slavery and led out of Egypt.  You know, ten plagues, Red Sea parting, it’s all there.  Maybe one day I’ll
write a big ole’ article talking about the Passover meal and all the neat stuff it entails, but that’s not what this is about.

This is about the fact that every year two bad Jews make a point to round up their non-Jewish spouses and horribly
butcher Passover.  We start the evening with Cosmopolitans (trust me, not appropriate), then we start the meal
proper which requires the drinking of wine.  Pretty quickly the table starts to reply to my reading of passages from
the Haggadah with a rousing “Damn the Egyptians” and great debate as to what to eat when.  Please keep in mind
that this is one of the most important holidays in the Jewish faith, so you begin to understand where I got the idea I
was a bad Jew from.

But we tell the story, and the Haggadah says that each time we share the story, we are blessed.  The more detail,
the more blessed we shall be.  I think we struck a good balance, we tell the story, which blesses us, and I’m pretty
sure telling the story through a slightly tipsy Cosmo happy haze blesses us more.  What can be more important for a
holiday than for it to bring people together in laughter?


The Goddess, Wicca & The Qabalah

The Goddess occupies a central role in a number of magickal traditions.  These include obvious instances such as
the Wiccan tradition, and also less obvious ones such as the Qabalah.  
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Matt Looks in a Mirror

The mirror is often regarded with much superstition, and for good reason, the mirror reveals the reflection of the
soul.   One very common superstition claims that if you were to break your reflection in the mirror you will have seven
years bad luck, this actually goes a bit further because causing any disturbance in your reflection is said to cause
disturbance in your spirit.  
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Profile: Prance the Witches Path

Our mission statement is our profile, and our goals are to try to educate through our actions. We believe that setting
the proper example of our way of life and spiritual path is the key to educating the public of who we are.  
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Ten Questions with Kerr Cuhulain

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Magical Buffet Mythology: Chac

This month’s Magical Buffet Mythology is chock full of Chacs…and Chac.  Confused?  Welcome to the religious
practices of the Mayans.  
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Product Profile: Sacred Body Jewelry and collisionideas

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Snake on the Magazine: The Angont

The Huron people of America tell the story of the angont.  First, if you’re like me, let’s start with who are the Huron?  
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