Here we are friends, on the cusp of the new year.  Somehow, that fact has managed to permeate this month’s
issue…quite unintentionally.  Darell from the Christos Mythos website has given us an article examining origin
myths.  I chose the creation tale of Rangi and Papa for this month’s “Magical Buffet Mythology”.  Rose Rosetree is
back with a “10 Questions” interview where she discusses cutting the cords of attachment.  All things with an eye to
the beginning of the new year.

If all that wasn’t enough, Jim recently in passing asked me what was the symbol I decided to write about for this
month’s issue.  I told him “Clocks, why?”  He explained that my article about clocks was in fact the 100th article for
The Magical Buffet.  Of course, a milestone like that would be attached to the ticking clock.  For those of you familiar
with the show “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”, the following will make perfect sense to you.  For those of you
heathens who didn’t watch one of the most awesome shows to get cancelled last season, it is based around the
production of a late night television sketch comedy show.  In the head writers (Matt Albie, played by Matthew Perry)
office, there is a clock that counts down to the day the show goes on.

[Danny turns on the countdown clock]
Matt Albie: How did it know?
Danny Tripp: How did it know what?
Matt Albie: Exactly how much time was left in the week.
Danny Tripp: Yeah, it's a miracle of technology that we've invented an electronic device that can count backwards
from seven.
Matt Albie: But it was off.
Danny Tripp: It has a battery.
Matt Albie: [in horror] So it always knows?
Danny Tripp: Don't endow the thing with special powers Matt - it's a clock.

As we’ll see in my column, a clock does in fact have special powers or at least meanings to many people.  Though
now as a writer, an amateur one in pay scale, notoriety, and aptitude, I will admit that my calendar has become the
count down clock.  It’s always there.  It always knows when the next issue should be done.  I don’t even have my
2008 calendar up yet, but it’s leaning against my keyboard, closed, and mocking me.  Against my will it has been
endowed with special powers, at least to me.

However, apparently we are on the verge of a new beginning here at The Magical Buffet.  Still, that calendar keeps
staring at me.  As Matt Albie said to the clock at the end of the series, “I'm gonna make a friend outta you yet.”

We’ll talk again in the new year!

Best Wishes,

Man of Clay

We are all familiar with the old legend in which God forms the first man out of clay and breathes life into him through
his nostrils. His name was "Adam", from the Hebrew 'Adamah', meaning "of the earth". Most of us have become
familiar with this legend through reading the first chapters of the Old Testament. Though the text is Jewish, we know
it by its Greek name: "Genesis" or "the beginning"  
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Tick, Tick, Tick

Time.  No one can deny its importance.  Whether it’s time passing, or perhaps the anticipation of a specific time, no
matter who you are you cannot help but feel time’s influence on your life.  When dealing with time often you are
interacting with a clock.  Time is important, and that makes the clock a potent symbol.  
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Profile: Northern New York Paranormal Research Society

The Northern New York Paranormal Research Society (NNYPRS) was founded in 2001 to provide assistance to
people experiencing paranormal activity.  NNYPRS will investigate all claims of paranormal activity, from hauntings to
UFO sightings to cryptozoological claims.  
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Ten Questions with Rose Rosetree

Need we say more? I thought not  Click Here

Magical Buffet Mythology: Rangi and Papa

Now, I generally shun theme issues, but this issue is creation heavy…but hey, it’s not a holiday issue.  I can’t help it, I’
ve been inspired by the romance of creation.  
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Product Profile: Buddha Board

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The Worst Familiar Ever: The Ilomba

Last month we discussed the symbolism of the snake, this month we will be talking about a very scary water snake
known as the ilomba.  Some sources say it’s an actual snake, others imply that it is a spirit that takes the form of a
snake.  Either way, in my opinion, just say no to the ilomba.  
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The Magical Buffet: Volume 02 Issue 15
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