Happy Birthday to us!!!!!  It’s been one year of sarcasm and information.  We’ve made a lot of friends and have
received A LOT of help this past year, and we don’t forget a kindness done.  That’s why, to celebrate one year I’m
thanking every last person who helped us.

Will Hobbs
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and last but absolutely not least, is my husband Jim.  My cheerleader, my tech support, my webmaster…he is the
Nick to my Nora (Don’t get that last bit?  Then rent the movie “
The Thin Man” immediately!).

Thanks also to all of our great readers!  You guys really do make this all possible!

Best Wishes,

Using Popular Culture as a new approach to Chaos Magic by Taylor Ellwood

Over the last couple of years I’ve noted that few magicians capitalize on using popular culture as a method of
working magic. Inevitably this seems to occur because of an ingrained belief that magic systems must come from a
recognized lineage or old tradition.  
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Talk to the Hand

In thousands of cultures, in millions of different iterations, the protective charm exists.  If you recall, we touched
briefly on how the pentagram is one when it is turned into a Seal of Solomon.  
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The website - www.wolfpaww.com - launched in July of this year. We have over 100 members between our sites.
Most of our members are from within the United States, but we also have members from New Zealand, Germany,
Denmark, Morocco, The Netherlands, Finland, Australia and Columbia.  
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Ten Questions with Rebecca

Need we say more? I thought not  Click Here

Magical Buffet Mythology: Amaterasu

Good morning sunshine!  This month we’re talking about Amaterasu, the Shinto goddess of the sun, agriculture,
peace, and order.  You are the sunshine of my life is more than just the lyrics to a song when spoken in reference to
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Product Profile: Zen Shea Lotion Stick

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Fishing with the Patupairehe

Ah, the confusion.  For some reason there are always creatures of myth that appear to be impossible to pin down.  
Just when I think I know what it’s all about, I turn the page and realize that no one knows.  Case in point, this month’s
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The Magical Buffet: Volume 02 Issue 13
The Magical Buffet