Another month, another letter.  Geesh, how long have I been doing these darn things?  That’s right, it will be a year
next month!  In looking for a way to commemorate this exciting milestone, my husband Jim has struck upon what he
thinks is an ingenious idea.

Each month we do a “10 Questions” feature.  What if I was the 10 questions person for October?  Here’s how it
works.  If you have a question, about anything (I love pop culture!), just email it to with
the word “question” in the subject.  Be sure to include your name so we can give you credit!  We’ll be accepting
questions until October 7, 2007.  After that, Jim will select the 10 questions that I will answer.  Now you know why he
loves this idea!

I’m looking forward to seeing what our readers ask!  By looking forward to I mean stricken with fear!  Just kidding, I
can take it!

This month’s “10 Questions” victim is Rev. Rapid Cabot Freeman.  Between you and me, I think he was disappointed
in our questions.  I think he was hoping we would be more vicious than we were.  Despite our less than evil
questions, I think you’ll find Rapid’s thoughts to be amusing and enlightening.  Rapid went from casual acquaintance
to die hard supporter of The Magical Buffet in a week’s time!  We cannot thank him enough for talking up our
magazine to anyone who will listen.

So, next month will be one year.  Funny how time flies when you’re always behind for each issue!

See you next month!

Luck by Bob Makransky

Magic can be defined as the intentional manipulation of the force which most people term "luck", by means of the
deliberate cultivation of the faculty which most people term "intuition".  Luck is not a subjective state, but rather is a
force out there in the world at large
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As we’ve been learning, sometimes the seemly simple symbols can have the most diverse and profound meanings.  
When Jim asked me what I was writing about his month and I told him the dot, well, he gave me that look that says,
“Oh really?”  Well, yes, yes I am
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Profile: was founded by the author and priestess Sorita d’Este in 1997 as a resource for everyone interested
in the magickal, with a particular emphasis on subjects related to the Wiccan Tradition
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Ten Questions with Rapid Freeman

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Magical Buffet Mythology: Nemesis

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” ~ William Congreve
That fury, in the form of divine justice, gets meted out by Nemesis.  Nemesis is the goddess of retributive justice.  
She relentlessly doles out just punishment to those who break the law and to the proud and snobbish  
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Product Profile: The Goddess Inspiration Oracle

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The Bad Bathroom Guardian: The Imdugud

Ah, the confusion.  For some reason there are always creatures of myth that appear to be impossible to pin down.  
Just when I think I know what it’s all about, I turn the page and realize that no one knows.  Case in point, this month’s
creature imdugud.
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The Magical Buffet: Volume 02 Issue 12
The Magical Buffet