With The Magical Buffet I try to cover a wide variety of topics every month.  The idea of a “themed” issue would be
the evil opposite of what I try to do each month.  For those of you who may not have cracked my super secret
content code, here is what each issue possesses (if not necessarily in this order):

1. Letter from Rebecca
2. Mythology (covering religious figures)
3. Creature (creatures of folklore and cryptozoology)
4. Symbol
5. Organization Profile
6. 10 Questions
7. Product Profile
8. Featured Article

Now I always felt this combo did a nice job of insuring that every month we hit a little bit of everything.  Of course, it
has been brought to my attention that some of my paranormal friends have been left wanting.  It was always my
intention to discuss the paranormal in The Magical Buffet, and I always thought that my creature column, which
covers demons, fairy folk, cryptozoological critters, and more handled it nicely.  Some people are never satisfied.  To
them I have two things to say.

One, I also wanted to discuss yoga frequently.  You know how often we’ve covered yoga here?  Once.  Two, you
want paranormal, then no pussy footing around, I’m giving you the real deal.  This month we are trying out a new
type of featured article.  We’re occasionally going to feature the actual final reports (with names and other personal
information changed for the sake of privacy) of real paranormal investigative teams!  That’s right, none of this fluffy
storytelling stuff, you’re getting the straight facts from the teams that were there!  We proudly launch this idea with
the North-Eastern Alabama Paranormal Society (also known as N.A.P.S.).  These guys don’t play around when it
comes to investigations, and they are all a lot of fun when they are or aren’t investigating.

Also, I can’t let this month go by without extending a thank you to Christopher Penczak.  He was kind enough to take
time out of his busy schedule to do our 10 Questions, and although this won’t come as a surprise to those who have
dealt with him, Christopher is a genuine pleasure to work with and a total professional (that combo is sometimes hard
to come by in these fields).

What’s in store for next month?  I wish I could tell you…but then I would have to kill you.

Best Wishes,

North-Eastern Alabama Paranormal Society Case #0256

NAPS was contacted on June 15 in relation to a possible haunting at the above listed location by the homeowner
Jane.  Jane states that she is feeling a presence, very strongly in certain areas of her home.
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Read This Article and Live Forever

It’s big.  It’s yellow.  It can do neat stuff.  It makes you smile.  No, I’m not talking about Big Bird, although he is pretty
cool.  I’m talking about the sunflower.
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Profile: The Pluralism Project

In the past forty years, the religious landscape of the United States has changed dramatically. There are Islamic
centers and mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples and meditation centers in virtually every major American city. The
encounter between people of very different religious traditions takes place in the proximity of our own cities and
neighborhoods. The results of the 2000 census underscore the tremendous scope of ethnic change in our society,
but tell us little about its religious dimensions or its religious significance.
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Ten Questions with Christopher Penczak

Need we say more? I thought not. Click Here

Magical Buffet Mythology: Lemminkainen

Mommy bails out daring, handsome, Finnish hero.  That would be Lemminkainen, one of the heroes of the Kalevala.  
The Kalevala is an epic Finnish poem; it is considered the national epic of Finland.  It is 50 chapters, runes, or
cantos (depending on who you ask) of epic adventures.  Today, we’re taking a little peak at Lemminkainen.
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Product Profile: The Vanessa Tarot

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But, But....I'm Real!: The Okapi

Congolese Pygmies tell travelers about some creature that appears to be a cross between a zebra and a giraffe.  
Ridiculous, they say.  Do we have another kongamato on our hands?  Well fortunately for us, Sir Harry Johnston
took them seriously.  That’s why today most every zoo around the world has an okapi.  That’s right, this month I am
writing about a creature that definitively exists!
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The Magical Buffet: Volume 02 Issue 11
The Magical Buffet