This month’s issue of The Magical Buffet may best embody all that I hoped to achieve with our little magazine.  This
month we’ll learn a little bit about Persian mythology, the Church of the Iron Oak, Greek mythology, intention, the
Baha’i, some hippy hair combs, and the rainbow.  All the while, mentioning Mr. Wizard, Kermit the Frog, Daphne
Blake, and MacGuyver.  If I could’ve figured out a way to somehow discuss The Golden Dawn while incorporating
Kathy Griffin, I would have achieved Magical Buffet nirvana!

To all of our new subscribers, welcome to our little part of the world.  For all of our old friends, thank you for your
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The Mechanism of Magickal Energy

Everybody knows that the manipulation of quantifiable energy to yield repeatedly consistent results is called
science.  These scientific results can be achieved independent of the operator.  We pagans know that the
manipulation of unquantifiable energy to produce anecdotal results is called magick.
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The Rainbow Connection...Connections, Actually

“Why are there so many songs about rainbows?”  Well Kermit, it’s because there is a ton of associations with
rainbows.  Rainbows are featured in more myth, more legend, and more symbolism than you can shake a Muppet at!
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Profile: The Church of Iron Oak

The Church of Iron Oak, ATC is a Wiccan church located in the Melbourne, Florida area. It is composed of several
covens and groves under an administrative High Priest and High Priestess. Iron Oak was formed in 1992 as a church
affiliated with the Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Index, Washington.
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Ten Questions about the Baha’i Faith

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Magical Buffet Mythology: Daphne

When dealing with ancient myths you are likely to encounter many different versions of the same tales.  That
becomes multiplied by a dozen when you’re dealing with someone who A) wasn’t a god, and B) existed to justify
essentially one custom.  Welcome to the enigma of Daphne.
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Product Profile: Little Hippie Chick Creations

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Do Not, Read this Article!: The Akvan

You know how little kids play the opposite game?  It’s when they say one thing, but mean the exact opposite of it.  
Therefore, “I want to play”, means “I want to sleep”.  I want to eat, means I’m not hungry.  It’s only slightly less
annoying than when they realize that you can ask why to anything!  Well imagine a powerful evil spirit that thought
exactly the same way!  Ack!
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The Magical Buffet: Volume 02 Issue 10
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