Maybe its cliché, or perhaps it makes me less than a fully evolved female, but I don’t entirely like the way I look.  I
think most women, and probably men, have that problem.  I know I’m supposed to be “comfortable in my own skin”
and such, but when I look in the mirror and see my lil’ pot belly and the latest round of adult acne, it’s hard to be
comfortable.  The ever growing quantities of gray hair don’t help either.  Seriously, if I had known I would be going
through my “awkward phase” in my thirties I would have tried to enjoy my teenage years more!

So you can imagine how “thrilled” I was when Rose Rosetree emailed me an idea for a feature article where she
looks at pictures of people and talks about their facial features and what they mean.  That’s not entirely fair; I was
absolutely thrilled at the article idea.  I became less enthused when she insisted that I have to be one of the people
involved.  You know, what every woman wants, to have her picture emailed out to nearly 300 people so that a person
I don’t know can talk about my facial features!  To make matters worse, for some reason I decided to ask Maritess
Zurbano and Starrfire Price to participate.  If I had been thinking I would have asked plainer women to contribute!  

I’m pleased to report that it was actually a painless process, and one I would readily recommend to others.  I won’t go
into more detail because Rosetree’s article covers it all.  Here’s the basic deal.  I emailed her the three photos and
that’s it, I gave her no other details about the individual aside from their name.  She did the readings and then asked
that I have each person comment on the accuracy of her observations.  Rose didn’t even want to see the comments
in advance!  She’s learning about how we felt about our readings at the same time you are!  Neat, eh?

Also, I can’t close out my letter for this month without giving a big ole’ thank you to Cari Stone.  This lady is too much
fun!  I have had the pleasure of being a scheduled and unscheduled guest on her online radio show many times.  
Each time there is a lot of laughter and inappropriate humor.  I’m so pleased to have her as our “10 Questions”
victim this month.  I’m more pleased to have her as a friend!

‘Til Next Month,
Best Wishes to all our friends,

Feasting on the Unique Qualities of Maritess Zurbano, Starrfire Price and Rebecca

Talk about delicious dining! Using deeper perception to read people turns any interaction into one of the greatest
feasts on the planet. Be my buffet guest as I read three faces that may already be familiar to you.
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Toil and Trouble? The Cauldron

In “Symbols and Their Meanings” Jack Tressidder says this of cauldrons, “The cauldron’s ancient links with magic
probably originated with its capacity to produce surprising quantities of food and to turn everyday nourishing
materials into gastronomic marvels.” Anyone who has had stew made from leftovers knows that “gastronomic
marvels” may be an exaggeration, but in this modern era, it’s easy to forget that this now seemingly magical tool was
once a cook’s beast of burden.
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Profile: The Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Wicca

The Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Wicca is western Washington state's oldest, friendliest open attendance
Interfaith church of Wicca and earth Religions. We are family friendly and welcome seekers on all Pagan paths and
people of all orientations, ages and beliefs.
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Ten Questions with Cari Stone

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Magical Buffet Mythology: Maman Brijit, Loa of the Cemetary

By Matthew Ikonen: Maman Brijit is a Voodoo Loa who watches over the dead.  She comes to us in the form of a
corpse in a wedding dress; she tells bad dirty jokes and swears like a sailor.
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Product Profile: Mission Studios

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Looks like a fox, Eats like a snake: The Guirivulu

Occasionally I stumble across a creature that I want to discuss that but find very little information about it.  Case in
point, this month’s creature the guirivulu.  
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The Magical Buffet: Volume 02 Issue 09
The Magical Buffet