“Christians say that to access the hard drive, you have to click on the Jesus icon.  No other icon will let you access
the hard drive.

Muslims say it’s a spiritual crime to use any icons at all.  Never confuse the hard drive with any of the silly icons on
the desktop.  Access the drive directly, with the code Mohammed provided.

Hindus say, hey, click on any icon.  Every icon on the screen will connect you with the hard drive.  Don’t see any icon
you like?  Make up a new one – it will work just as well.” The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hinduism by Linda Johnsen

When I read this, I immediately fell in love with Hinduism.  After reading “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hinduism” I
read Jim’s ancient copy of “The Ramayana”.  That version was okay, then I bought “The Ramayana: A Modern
Retelling of the Great Indian Epic” by Ramesh Menon, which I enjoyed immensely.  Currently I’m reading “The
Upanishads” as translated by Eknath Easwaran.  

So what I’m trying to say is that I’m fascinated with Hinduism and eager to learn more.  Their colorful deities, of
varying genders, and species, aren’t alienating like one might suspect.  In fact, like evidence of Jung’s cultural
memory, the stories of Hinduism seem oddly familiar.  The “get to God how you like” philosophy that Johnsen
espouses is obviously highly appealing to a spiritual explorer like myself.  Of course I wanted to find a way to share
Hinduism with the readers of The Magical Buffet.

Now how does an acknowledged generalist, like myself, even begin to attempt to approach such an enormous and
complex subject like Hinduism?  By emailing the editorial staff at Hinduism Today and going “Help?”  And just like
that, they did.  I love these guys!  

I was immediately given a beautiful, detailed introduction to Hinduism.  It’s a dense and delicious read.  And like a
good cheesecake, I felt it was better to serve it in small slices instead of all at once.  That’s right, we’re doing a
Hinduism double play baby!  This month we start you out, and then top you off when our May issue releases!

I also have got to give a big shout out to our “10 Questions with” participant Paul Avgerinos.  This guy has been
nominated for Grammy awards and yet he responded to my email.  He even answered our questions, including the
one about his nakedness!  That’s right, there is musician man flesh in this issue!

It’s months like these that remind me what a great gig this can be.

‘Til Next Month,
Best Wishes to all our friends,

An Introduction to Hinduism: Part 1

Google search on the title of this book yields some 15,000 answers. Many are from outsiders offering their best take;
many are from antagonists taking their best shot. Too few are knowledgeable; fewer still are authentic.
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Veve, VeVe I love you

I have thumbed through my share of books on religions and occult practices. I have seen easily hundreds, if not
thousands, of different symbols. Some are simple in design, but profound in meaning and depth, like the swastika
that we discussed last month. Others are ornate and filled with detail helping mortal man comprehend larger ideas,
like the Wheel of Life. Nothing prepared me for the first time I saw a veve.
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Profile: The Ghost Research Society

The Ghost Research Society is one of Chicagoland’s oldest and most respected paranormal research groups.  It
was founded in 1977 by Martin V. Riccardo and was originally called The Ghost Tracker’s Club.
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Ten Questions with a New Age Musician

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Magical Buffet Mythology: Angitia

Sure their cuisine is tasty, and their language is incredibly pleasant to the ears (that may just be to me, but oh well),
but deity wise what does Italy have to offer us? They have a feisty mystical meatball of healing magic named Angitia!  
I promise, that’s the only Italian food thing I will use!
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Product Profile: Vitaminds

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Cute as a Button but a Pain in my Butt: The Aardvark

My whole problem can be blamed on two things. One, “The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures” by John and
Caitlin Matthews, and two, those aardvarks are cute little devils. Care for me to expand on this?  
Here we go.
The Magical Buffet: Volume 02 Issue 07
The Magical Buffet