There I am, being carried, panting, to my car by two high school football players. “Let me get this straight Simon,”
the coach begins, “you signed up for my conditioning camp and didn’t bother to mention that you have a trick knee
and that you’re borderline asthmatic? Anything else you want to tell me?” he asked, obviously peeved. “Yeah,” I
said, “the other knee is a trick one too.”

So began my quest to find a fitness routine that I would stick to.  I started with weight training and doing the high
school football player’s summer conditioning camp, which was fine while I was in high school and had access to the
coach and the facilities.  Once I graduated, all regular exercise stopped. As I’m sure it does for most people.  Then,
a few years back, with extra weight on my body and the thirtieth birthday on the horizon I decided it was time to get
back on track.

It’s hard being an adult and exercising, especially when you’re out of shape.  You pant, you sweat, you jiggle, and
on the whole it can be a pretty embarrassing journey.  I decided because of budget restrictions and for my own
dignity that I would find an exercise routine that I could do at home…alone.

First I tried walking.  A certain fitness celebrity puts out these walking exercise videos, which do make you work up a
sweat, but she was too perky, none of her people ever seemed to break a sweat or get winded, and she would tell
you to raise your arms “in praise”.  That phase didn’t last long.  The next one lasted a while.

On a whim I bought a belly dance work out video.  Let me tell you that belly dance is A LOT of fun.  It works your
whole body.  I really enjoyed belly dance and still like it for fun, but I did it for a long time and didn’t feel like I was
getting real results.  And although I liked it, I always felt kind of beat and downtrodden at the end of the workout.  
Now when I do it for fun, not fitness, I find it makes me happy.

That’s when I bought my first yoga DVD.  I was concerned that you couldn’t lose weight doing yoga, so I opted to buy
a “power” yoga DVD that said it was designed for weight loss.  The first time I tried it, I liked it.  It raised my heart
rate, it made me sweat, and when I was done I felt a sense of accomplishment that I had never experienced before
from a workout.  I’m not positive when I started, but it’s probably safe to say that I have been doing yoga regularly for
at least two years, and each time I finish I still feel that same sense of accomplishment.  And by the way, I’ve been
doing nearly exactly the same yoga workout this whole time and have yet to get bored with it, or find it too easy!

It’s safe to say that I am definitely a yoga fan.  It’s helped with my fitness, (my trick knees haven’t gone out once
since I started) and it has helped me try a healthier diet as well.  Once I finish one of the workouts it just seems like a
shame to ruin that sense of accomplishment with foods that are bad for me.  (It’s why I tend to eat bad on the
weekends, when I don’t do yoga.)  But there is a mystical tradition with yoga that I haven’t even scratched the
surface of, one that I know is waiting for me and I just haven’t gotten there yet.  Not only have great spiritualists in
the Hindu community touched that mysticism, many occult practioners have also practiced yoga, such as Aleister
Crowley and Israel Regardie.  That’s why when I decided to start The Magical Buffet I was determined to include a
little bit about yoga.

This month has what I hope to be first of many forays into the world of yoga that I can share with you.  Kathy from
Yoga Vermont will be doing “10 Questions with an Ashtanga Yoga Instructor.”  When I had questions I emailed her
and she was helpful and kind, and didn’t tell me I had to buy anything from her website.  All things that made me
decide that it was her that I wanted to talk about Ashtanga yoga with my readers. Through my interactions with her I
have learned that yoga really can be good for your body and soul.

Thank you Kathy!

Best Wishes,

It is with great pleasure that I present highlights from Richmond West’s novel
“Your Yesterday is My Tomorrow.”

“What if a Buddha married a God? Rusty Shields, down on his luck, hears a mysterious female voice. She claims to
be Diana, his twin flame, his immortal love--his soul mate. And Diana tells Rusty he is really Sodol-kai, a Buddha-to-
be who has encountered her in many lifetimes. Rusty's family and his doctors believe he suffers from schizophrenia.
While in a mental hospital, Rusty writes about his past lives. Is he really suffering from schizophrenia, or is a
goddess calling him from the stars? Only the reader can decide. But when the good karma runs out, will Sodol-kai
lose his greatest love?” ~Richmond West
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Something for Nothing: The Zero

Numbers matter. Let’s face it; numbers make the world go, whether in time, in money, or in the highly sophisticated
equations that make the simple day-to-day possible. The ancient mathematical philosophers believed that the study
of numbers could reveal the laws of space and time and the principles of creation.
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Profile: The Universal Light

If you want to officiate weddings, baptisms, funerals or if you help others or intend to, using massage, herbs or any
of the metaphysical or para-psychological modalities, (which include e.s.p.; tarot, Reiki, hypnotherapy etc.).  And if
you follow any Monotheism or Polytheism belief which include Wicca and Hindu, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or Christian
belief – for your protection
read this.

10 Questions with a Yoga Instructor

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Magical Buffet Mythology: Hephaestus

He is the God of all Craftsmen, particularly those who work in metals, a sometimes God of Fire and Volcanoes. He
also was an exiled child who became a disgruntled and disfigured adult. Then he went on to construct the most
important items in all of creation. When you talk about overcoming handicaps to achieve great things, look no
further then Hephaestus.
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Product Profile: The Hermetic Tarot

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A Bird in the Hand: The Tengu

Like all truly kick butt creatures of legend the tengu has a huge list of stories and associations, but unfortunately,
one may never truly learn the fact from fiction about this complex creature. Most believe the tengu began its
existence in China as the t’ienkou or tianguo, an entire class of demons who are remarkably similar to the Japanese
tengu. So how did the Chinese tianguo end up in Japan as the tengu? The very people the tengu enjoyed
tormenting carried it there.
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The Magical Buffet: Volume 02 Issue 04
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