1.  You investigate the paranormal?  What exactly do you mean by paranormal?  

Paranormal means anything out of the ordinary.  From ghosts to UFO's to Cryptozoologly (Champy the Lake
Champlain Monster, bigfoot, etc) we investigate and research all aspects of it.

2.  That’s cool.  If I want to do that, what do you recommend?  

First is to read as much on the subject as possible.  Start by choosing a specific aspect...ghost, UFO's etc.....and
read a lot on those.  Then, seek out a local group to join.  Always remember, that everyone has varying
opinions, and you do not have to agree with everyone.  Glean what you can, what seems truthful to you, and
leave the rest.

3.  How does your group determine if a location is haunted?

We are an interesting group.  When you see groups on TV, generally they are all one sided in their investigation
philosophy...either all scientific or all metaphysical.  We have a great marriage of the two.  We use scientific tools
such as EMF (Electomagnetic Field Detectors), Geiger Counters, cameras (Digital, 35MM, Poloroid, Video),
Digital Thermometers, etc.  We also use metaphysical tools...dowsing rods, crystals, pendulums, and we have a
very talented resident medium who also holds a Doctorate in Parapsychology.

4.  There seems to be a lot of talk about EVPs.  What the heck is an EVP?  

EVP means Electronic Voice Phenomenon.  It is an audio recording of voices not present during the time of
taping.  These voices quite often occur in ranges that humans cannot actually speak in.  You have to either slow
these voices down or speed them up to actually hear what the voice is saying.  Some believe these are actual
spirits talking...some believe they are voices "etched" into the environment, in other words, residual energy.

5.  Sometimes I see photos with spots on them.  Are these orbs?  

Orbs are a very debated topic in the paranormal research world.  The vast majority of "orb" pictures you will see
are simply dust or moisture particles reflecting the light of the flash.  However, we do believe that some "orbs"
caught on film are authentic.  We believe that these "orbs' are the simplest form of energy a spirit can take.  The
more authentic orbs show movement.  This movement shows that the object was moving faster than the shutter
speed of the camera.

6.  I think the place I live is haunted.  What do I do now?

The first thing I would do would be to contact a reputable local group to investigate....like NNYPRS...from nnyprs.
com  Then, I would start a journal of the activities...time, date, occurrence, weather conditions, persons present,
etc., whatever seems important.  Also, begin to research the history of your home.

7.  Do you ever communicate with spirits?  

For starters, we do not promote the use of Ouija Boards.  They are tools, not toys, that if used incorrectly can be
detrimental to the users.  With that said, we are lucky enough to have one member who is a fantastic psychic
medium.  With her, we have been able to name persons who have died in the homes, etc, and more.  She is very

8.  Peter, Raymond, Egon, or Winston?  

Peter...he was the cool one!!!!

9.  Casper, Jacob Marley, or Sam Wheat?  

Jacob Marley, a little scary, yet his spirit came back to help a friend find his heart before it was too late.

10.  Parting shot!  Ask us here at The Magical Buffet any one question!

How do you like your NNYPRS swag?  (Can we see a pic of you or your "boss" modeling it?)

It seems unlikely that I’m going to get a picture of my boss wearing his gift from www.nnyprs.com.  I mean, he
hasn’t even received it as a gift yet!  But just to thrill you all, here is this…..

Merrill McKee is the President and Co-Founder of the Northern New York Paranormal Research Society (www.nnyprs.com).  He
has been actively researching with the group since 2001, yet has researched on his own since the age of 8, when he began
reading a book about Bigfoot.
Ten Questions with a Paranormal Investigator
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