“Religion without myth not only fails to work, it also fails to offer man the promise of unity with the transpersonal and
eternal.” C.G. Jung

“BETHANY (rubbing her temples):  Two thirds of me wants to forget about this and go home. You know, yesterday I
wasn't sure God even existed. And now I'm up to my ass in Christian Mythology.

RUFUS:  Let me let you in on a little inside info.  God hates it when it's referred to as mythology.” Kevin Smith’s film

What is religion?  What is mythology?  Is there a difference?  Not to me.  They say history is written by the winners
and it’s safe to say that Judeo Christian beliefs won over let’s say for example the pantheonic beliefs of the ancient
Romans.  That which is generally considered mythology, at one point was fervently believed in as religion, as much
as Christianity or Judaism is today.  Is it fair to say that just because a mythological deity isn’t actively worshipped in
the mainstream that it’s mythology, while the epic stories of The Bible are most assuredly religion?  Absolutely not,
and I reckon that there are some Goddess worshippers reading this that will tell you that straight up!  An individual’s
faith and belief are what makes a group of mythological tales a religion.  It’s in the stories of a faith that its tenants
are demonstrated.  A religion that is a rule book doesn’t work.  It has to incorporate stories, myths if you will, to
transform a set of rules into a living breathing creation.  

So what is “Magical Buffet Mythology”?  It’s where I retell some of the definitive stories of various deities, and
perhaps events, etc.  Last month was Artemis, this month is Kuan Yin.  For most, Artemis is considered myth, for
over half the global population Kuan Yin is considered religion.  Both are called “Magical Buffet Mythology”.  Why?  
Because for one, it’s safe to say that my particular interpretations shouldn’t be considered the definitive versions of
these tales!  I’m a sarcastic person and it’s in these columns that I let my snarky flag fly!  Also, a myth is just one
believer away from a religion in my book.  Who am I to decide which one is which?

I hope that everyone continues to enjoy the “Magical Buffet Mythology” columns.  I certainly enjoy doing them.  I also
hope that everyone keeps an open mind about religion verses mythology and that no one takes offense to my
personal views on the topic.  After all, it’s just one opinionated dish along the buffet line.

Until next month,
Rebecca Elson
Publisher, The Magical Buffet

THE WILD, WITCHY RIDE: How to Create and Conduct Elaborate, Popular, Public Sabbats by Lady Passion

Twelve years ago, in 1995, I resolutely determined to reinstitute the olde, free, sacred Sabbats rites entire towns
enjoyed for centuries on end. I took a bold (and, in the South, unprecedented) leap of faith in this regard, as I had
no roadmap, no guide, no mentor, and no predecessor, for the trail I intended to blaze.
Since then, though, my annual, free, public Witch ritual has become a cherished tradition for Asheville-area townies,
families, and tens of thousands of Pagans and Witches nationwide. Indeed, I've become infamous for NEVER doing
the same rite twice, and each Sabbat's unique theme has emboldened Witches to do the same in such far away
continents as Australia.
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Who Knew Two Triangles Could Do So Much?: The Hexagram

A hexagram, at its most simple, can be described as two interlocked equilateral triangles that form a six-pointed
star.  That’s it. That is all it is.  How the heck do two triangles accomplish so darn much?  By diversifying.
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Profile: Reiki Blessings

If you are interested in taking control of your physical, emotional,and spiritual health, please keep reading!  Reiki
Blessings is here to expand holistic and spiritual awareness to the general public through  
professional home study courses in holistic and spiritual healing. We all have the ability and the right to be healthy
individuals. Are you ready to take the next step towards finding the "real you"?  The naturally healthy you?  The
spiritually unique you?  The person who deserves to be truly happy and fulfilled?
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Ten Questions with a Tarot Reader

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Magical Buffet Mythology: Kuan Yin

Who is Kuan Yin? Simple answer is the Goddess of Compassion. You may not have heard of her, but I assure you,
the people of China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Buddhists, and Goddess worshipers know all about her.  Kuan
Yin is She Who Hears the Cries of the World.  She is generally depicted as a beautiful white robed woman who
instead of entering heaven, refused to go until the suffering on Earth has ended.
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Product Profile: Fenestra Tarot Deck

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As the worm turns: The Minhocao

I like Scooby Doo.  I enjoy all the flavors of Scooby Doo except for ones that involve Scrappy Doo.  That little runt
bothers me.  Now that you know that you’ll understand how it came to be that late one evening I was snuggled in bed
watching an episode of “What’s New Scooby Doo?”
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The Magical Buffet: Volume 01 Issue 02
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