So this is it!  Welcome to The Magical Buffet’s first issue!  As buffets go, it’s not too much yet.  Right now we’re kind
of like the free breakfast buffet at business hotels, not a huge selection but there are some staples.  One day I hope
that we’re more like the world’s largest buffet that took place recently in Las Vegas; lots of choices and possibly
hosted by Kathy Griffin!  What I’m trying to say is this, what you’re seeing now is the template of things to come.  
This is the beginning, the seed, the start….no one knows how this story will end, not even me!

That being said, it is fair to say that in the grand scheme of things we here at The Magical Buffet are nobodies.  To
quote the Animaniacs, “It’s a great big world and we’re all really really puny.”  That’s why the handful of people and
organizations that have shown us unabashed support for no really good reason (and no money) mean so very much
to me, and The Magical Buffet.  I’d like to just take a moment to thank some of them here:

The Avalon Center for Druidic Studies and their Chancellor James Maertens.  Their Chancellor, whose Druidic name
is Alferian, has given generously of his time to a person representing a publication that no one had ever heard of.
See this months Q&A for more from Chancellor Maertens.

The Tarot Certification Board of America, and more precisely their new Executive Director J. Rebecca Cougill.  
Again, someone who has given of their time and a woman who is so darn cool I would love to be just like her when I
grow up! Stay tuned for issue two for more from Director Cougill!

I need to give a huge thanks to Mr. David Pitkin, a wonderful author who had no good reason to even reply to my
emails, let alone gives us a wonderful article for our first issue.  Where others had ignored me, he gave me
support…and most importantly an article!

I have to also take a moment to thank all of our supporters on My Space.  The Magical Buffet has a home, and it is
on My Space, because that is where our family lives.

Lastly, I want to thank my husband Jim.  Anyone who has interacted with me has heard me say any or all of this
things: let me talk to my Webmaster (aka my husband), let me talk to my Tech Support (aka my husband), let me
talk to the person handling circulation (aka my husband), let me talk to my Audience Development Manager (aka my
husband).  He takes care of anything and everything.  That is my husband Jim (aka the man I love).

Thank you all and I hope you enjoy your first issue of The Magical Buffet!

Rebecca Elson
Publisher, The Magical Buffet

The Art of Telling a Ghost Story by David J Pitkin

Long before the human past was recorded in writing, tales of the heroic and mysterious experiences of the
ancestors were being told around campfires.  In this way culture, values and a sense of wonder were passed on.  
Even in our more modern and “scientific” times, Americans love to sit and listen to tales of the supernatural, stories
that push the envelope of imagination.
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High Performance Symbolism: The Jaguar

Known for its power and grace it is no wonder that a manufacturer of luxury cars would chose the jaguar as its
emblem.  Unfortunately for you motoring enthusiasts this month’s column is not about the cars but about the animal.  
We’re going to discuss the jaguar as a symbol.
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Profile: Coven Oldenwilde

Coven Oldenwilde is a deliciously wicked mix of olde world and new -- a wildlife habitat and 3-story Appalachian
Covenstead, and a cutting-edge training ground in the Bible belt that teaches Witches worldwide savvy ways to
eliminate religious persecution.
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Ten Questions with a Druid

Need we say more? I thought not. Click Here

Magical Buffet Mythology: Artemis

Artemis is known as the goddess of the hunt, the wild, the moon, and childbirth.  The later originating from the fact
that Artemis assisted her mother Leto in the birthing of her brother Apollo, which took place immediately following
Artemis’ own birth.  Most women aren’t able to do much of anything following their own birth aside from wriggling,
squirming, and crying, let alone assist their mother in the birth of their twin!
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Product Profile: 2am Altars

Trust us, you won't regret taking a quick look. Click Here

Mommy's Little Helper: The Domovoi

Want a little help around the house?  Why not try attracting one of these little guys?  The worst that could happen is
only death!  Seriously, this month we are discussing the Domovoi, the helpful little house spirits found primarily in
Slavic folklore.
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The Magical Buffet: Volume 01 Issue 01
The Magical Buffet