Contact Us: Article Submission
The Magical Buffet
Do you have unique skills or experiences you think our readers want to hear about?  Why not submit an
article to us?

The Magical Buffet understands that a lot of you have projects in the works.  This article cannot and will not
be a glorified advertisement for your most recent project.  It will provide you with the opportunity to present
yourself as an expert in your area of interest.  We will gladly provide a link to your company’s website or
your personal website, if you have one you wish to share.  Also we would happily mention other works in the
byline.  (For example, Joe Spiritual, author of Book and Book)

It will be roughly 3000 words, preferably using Microsoft Word and emailed as an attachment.

The Magical Buffet would reserve the right to edit these submissions, but would gladly allow the author an
opportunity to read the final version before publication, if they would prefer.

Please respect copyrights.  Referencing another’s work is fine assuming you attribute it, but copying
someone else’s work is unacceptable.  (and metaphysically speaking…bad mojo)  If it is brought to our
attention that plagiarism has occurred we will immediately pull your article and will not consider future
submissions from the offending party.  

Currently we are not supporting paid advertising and we do not charge for a subscription, so in turn we
could not pay you for this article.  But what we are happy to do is provide a link to your website, or to a page
of a website where our readers could learn more about your work and purchase it.  

If at some point in the future you wish to re-use your article that you submitted to us we would gladly allow
that and all that we ask is that you mention that the article first appeared in The Magical Buffet and provide
our web address.

The submission of your article is in no way a guarantee of it’s inclusion in our magazine, or website.  You will
receive an email confirming receipt of your submission.  If we decide to use your article we will email you
letting you know.

To submit an article or for more information about article submission please contact us at