This is a very exciting issue of The Magical Buffet.  Not only because we’ve got tons of cool stuff in store, but
because this issue is being emailed to over 500 subscribers.  Seriously, we crossed over 500 subscribers after our
last issue mailed out.  Weird, isn’t it?  And I’ve yet to spend a penny on advertising, which is good because I don’t
have a penny to spare!

Not to get all sentimental again, but it’s all thanks to you guys, our readers, that our subscription numbers keep
growing.  Our My Space friends put us in their top friends, despite me not having the time I used to for My Space,
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but seriously, without you guys we could not do this.  So, you know, thanks and stuff.

You’ll also be happy to know that I seem to have recovered enough from my non-writers writer’s block that we were
able to get some sweet artwork from Will Hobbs.  I’m always surprised at how he interprets my articles.  The
illustrations always surpass what I imagined.  Have you visited his site,  Well, you should,
he rocks.

‘Til Next Month,

Egyptian Magic and Alchemy

Enchantment, conjuring, mesmerism and levitation have their momentary charm. The most powerful magic has been
and always will be the power of self-control. The hero of every story is the one who can rise to any occasion,
however fantastical, unexpected or mundane -- living fully in the moment, ready and able to do whatever must be
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A Hairy Symbol. Yeah, That's Right, I Punned

What is the deal with our hair?  Everyday we’re assaulted by advertising for products to help give us more hair,
curlier hair, straighter hair, different colored hair, stronger hair, well, you get the idea.  Like most women, I’m
guessing, I spend too much time daydreaming about having different hair, better hair.  Unfortunately, for me, vanity
has a lot to do with that, but for just about all cultures from every era, hair is a big deal.  
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Profile: The Sabbat

The Sabbat was brought into being because we feel that as practitioners of traditional Witchcraft have very few
places to study and develop our Power.  
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Ten Questions with Ghost Chat New England

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Magical Buffet Mythology: Hine-nui-te-po

Some may recall a past article I wrote about the Maori duo of Rangi and Papa.  When this loving couple was
separated by Tane, Maori god of forests, the human race was discovered.  Little known fact, but all of Rangi and
Papa’s children were men, and soon Tane longed for female companionship.  This brings us to Hine-nui-te-po, the
goddess of the night and underworld for the Maori and Polynesians.fierce warrior who teaches us integrity--how to
leap gracefully from life to life  
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Product Profile: Sacred Body Jewelry and collisionideas

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Look Into My Eyes. No, Lower: The Munuane

When discussing creatures of folklore, regardless of how odd they may seem, there is usually some kind of logic
buried there.  A reason why it is so ugly or a mish mash of different creatures, etc.  Then again, occasionally you
stumble across one like the munuane.  
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The Magical Buffet: Volume 03 Issue 18
The Magical Buffet